4K e-shift 3 technology

JVC's Extreme 4K Image Quality

Experience absolute presence as images seem to float in mid-air, and you forget the existence of the screen. Be totally immersed in the world that is portrayed, as images envelop you. Beyond 2K is a new world of moving experiences that only 4K can deliver.
JVC's e-shift 3 technology is able to reproduce the finest nuances and unique tone of every visual work, enabling you to enjoy a 4K-resolution* image with extreme realism and presence in your home theatre environment.

*3840 x 2160

New e-shift 3 Technology

JVC's e-shift technology shifts sub-frames by 0.5 pixel both vertically and horizontally to achieve 4 times the pixel density of the original content. Optimised for the new D-ILA device, the latest e-shift 3 Technology boosts definition to a higher level.

Structure of D-ILA optical engine equipped with e-shift 3 technologyIllustrated representation of pixel shift

Newly Developed Proprietary D-ILA Device

The exceptional picture quality of JVC projectors is achieved by the precision technology behind the company's original D-ILA devices. The latest device, which has an even narrower gap between pixels and is planarised, achieves brighter images rich with contrast. The device is optimally designed to complement ultra-high 4K resolution for precision image expression with virtually no screen-door effect.

New 6th generation 0.7-in. D-ILA device

d-ila pannel

Multiple Pixel Control

High-performance image processing technology is necessary for the precise reproduction of full HD sources on a 4K projector. JVC improved its Multiple Pixel Control technology featured on new models. In addition to wide-range picture detection and high-performance 8-band filtering, Auto Mode has been added that performs frame adaptive filtering and picture generation to achieve a high-definition image optimal for a variety of scenes. Multiple Pixel Control lets the user experience immersive 4K images without complicated picture adjustments.

e-shift 3 Technology's Image Processor: Multiple Pixel Control

Multiple Pixel Control

Wide-range picture element detection

Wider signal range can be detected within a frame thanks to a 10-fold increase in image component detection range from a conventional 6 x 6 pixels to 21 x 21 pixels. This improvement helps to detect even minute details to achieve more natural and realistic video reproduction.

Picture elements

High-performance filtering

Detection-range segmentation has been improved from a conventional 2 bands* to 8 bands to perform high-precision filtering. This helps to achieve highly detailed image reproduction for a broader range of bandwidths.

* DLA-X90R/X70R

Result of wide-range high-performance filtering (simulated image)

New picture processing technology

Generation of character optimized images

Natural looking video images with a sense of dimensionality can be achieved because it is now possible to dynamically control focusing separately, such as the background and foreground, from the results achieved through high-precision detection.

Foreground in focus and background defocused to reproduce images with dimensionality.
Pictures are simulated to represent the results.

Pixel Analyser (analysis screen)

Pixel Analyser is an analysis screen that allows the user to achieve high-definition video that matches the individual characteristics of the image. Video signals pass through a multi-band filter for analysis and are then colour-separated by frequency bands, which can be viewed on the screen. User-preferred, effective results can be achieved by selecting parameters that match the image. Additionally, new direct buttons on the remote controller enable you to see the effective adjustment area easily.

gamma control

Adjustment Point

In order to achieve images with superior expression and dimensionality, four adjustment points are provided. By turning of the 4K e-shift off, it is possible to adjust in the original 2K resolution.

Item Setting Range Description
Enhance 0-100 Enhances the sharpness of the image.
Dynamic Contrast 0-100 Enhances the contrast of the image.
Smoothing 0-100 Enhances the blurriness of the image for a softer effect.
NR (Noise Reduction) 0-10 Reduce the noise of the image.

Comparison of before/after adjustment image

You can easily check the image before and after adjustments using the direct button on the remote controller.



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