PM Medivisor Cloud

The advantage of Remote QA

Remote qa offers various advantages. It improves productivity enhances quality and finally ensures diagnostic quality and confidence.

Quality 24/7

Compared to regular QA solutions, which checks displays on a fixed schedule remote QA works constantly. Just like a QA engineer sitting beside each display. On this way any issue is detected and reported instantly which gives engineers a chance for instant actions. No need to wait until next QA checkup or user claim.

Remote QA boosts productivity

Especially the chance to schedule and do tasks or calibrations remotely is a major step ahead. Without those remote solutions calibration and QA testing was done on side. But this is at a working environment an issue. Often engineers spend a lot of time for traveling across the site to reach each system and another big amount of time they spend in waiting to access the system. This increases the time which is spend here a lot. Remote QA solves this. Calibrations are scheduled automatically and executed remotely. So no time is spend on this any more. In addition also reporting is enhanced. The server generates and stores all documents automatically. Which enables almost paper free reporting on display quality.

New GUI.

The new created User Interface of is fully responsive. It adapts automatically to the display size of the device and its resolution. So whatever you are using a tablet or smartphone. PM Medivisor always looks great. Bringing you display data to your fingertips wherever you are.


Data security

Data security is the most critical point for all areas where personal data gets in touch with the internet. This is why we took security and privacy here very serious. In general there are two main threads for those software solutions. One issue is the connection itself and the other is the relay with its outside communication.

The connection

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PM Medivisor Agent
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Relay Server
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SSL Encryption
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Cloud Server
Managed by JVC

Mainissue with any connection between servers and clients is the risk of collecting of send data by a third party. Even PM Medivisor Cloud sends only data which is related to the display we decided to use a unbreakable encrypted connection. All data is end to end encrypted which makes it impossible to access any of the data no matter if its send from client to relay of from relay to our server. This is state of the art technology which ensures that only client and our server is able to read the data.

The relay server

Another possible scenario for a security issue is the relay server which got a conenction to the internet. Clear issue is that external parties could try to access this system to compromize it. To avoid this we developed a passive relay technology. The relay server is never replying to any outside access no matter if its from our side or any 3rd partie. All external communication to the internet is established by relay itself. Relay calls up our server to check for any needed task. After this contact and handshake server replies to relay and gets a responce. Afer this connection is closed and relay is passive again. This active polling for tasks ensures that no 3rd partie could ever acces our server as whole communications needs to be started by server. As this connection is also encrypted only valid signed requests are handled.

The central server

Mainpart for security is of course also our central server. For perfect security also at this point, all data is stored encrypted. Beside this a big team of administration people maintain this server systems to ensure stable performance and security.