5MP 21.3” Monochrome Monitor


5MP 21.3” Monochrome Monitor / Breast imaging / ISD

LED Backlight

  • LED backlight is the next generation backlight and replaces the old CCFL type. Especially from the economical point of view LED brings rich advantages.

    With LED the lifetime is increasing by 20-25%. This increases the usage time dramatically. This enables operating times of up to 40.000hours. Based on 10 hours daily usage you can get 4000days which equals more than 10 years.

    Power consumption
    With LED Backlight power consumption is cut by 20%. This saves energy and reduces CO2 emission.

    LEDs contain no mercury or other harmful elements. This makes disposal easy.

    ISD - Because details matter

    The JVC patented ISD technology gives you a whole new view. ISD increases resolution by three for a precision you never saw on a display before. This enables up to 15 Million Pixels on a single display.

    Independent Subpixel Driving

    A monochrome display has a large number of pixel elements and each pixel element consists of three sub-pixels, which are driven as one pixel in conventional monochrome displays. Newly developed technology, Independent Sub-pixel Drive (ISD) composed of a display that comes with the ISD algorithm and special viewer software enables each sub pixel to be driven independently, and consequently MS55i2 plus provides superior, lossless image reproduction.

    Image beside shows mechanism of resolution enhancement by the ISD and comparison of captured images on a conventional display and a display with ISD technology. By the ISD function, the image is depicted more accurately.

    *ISD needs to be activated by activation CDROM which needs to be purchased seperately

    Auto Text Mode - Brightness when you need it

    High brightness displays are needed for a high diagnostic quality. But this high brightness brings not only advantages. Especially for reporting or working lists this high brightness is disturbing. Reason is that those parts contain large white areas which cause the eye to be blinded here. This is affecting diagnosis as the eye needs to recover from this, if you are going back to the diagnostic image. This is the reason we developed the auto text mode. If this mode is enabled the displays detects white disturbing areas and dims the brightness. This ensures eye friendly reporting. As dynamic gamma this also works out of the box. No client software or configuration is needed here.

    Remote management at its best

    With the JVC Software solutions and remote management you become the QA expert. The QA Medivisor Agent suite makes calibration and testing as simple as possible. With PM Medivisor and PM Medivisor cloud you unleash the full remote functionality. All remote features are so advanced that you don't even get noticed. The integrated front sensor checks constantly the image quality. This data is send to the server and available by a web interface you can access from any workstation. Calibration tasks can be scheduled and executed remotely with the front sensor. This cuts maintenance time and effort. The email notice function sends messages in case of too high ambient light, changed configuration or trouble.


    • 5 Megapixel - 3000 cd/m² - 2000 :1 contrast
    • DICOM calibration
    • Remote calibration and management
    • Uniformity correction
      Technical Specifications

      MS-S500 - 5MP 21.3” Monochrome Monitor

      Display Specs
      Display size
      21.3“ (54.1 cm)
      Display Area
      337.92 mm x 422.4 mm
      LED Backlight
      Resolution (native)
      2048 x 2560 (5 Megapixel)
      Resolution (ISD)
      2048 x 7680(15 Mega-Sub-Pixel)
      Pixel pitch
      0.165 mm x 0.165 mm
      Pixel pitch (ISD)
      0.165 mm x 0.055 mm
      Number of greyscales via DVI
      Number of greyscales via DisplayPort
      LUT (Look Up Table)
      16 Bit per RGB Channel
      Maximum brightness
      3000 cd/m²
      Factory Calibration
      500 cd/m² / 1000 cd/m²
      Contrast ratio
      2000 :1
      Viewing angle
      h: 178° / v: 178°
      Protection filter
      Integrated Sensors
      Ambient light sensor
      Front Sensor
      Display Features
      Calibration Feature
      Brightness Uniformity Correction
      Remote Calibration
      ISD Technology
      Built-In DICOM Conformance Test
      Display Input Output
      DVI Input
      Yes, (Dual Link)
      DisplayPort Input
      Yes, Ver. 1.1
      DispalyPort Daisy Chain
      USB Interface
      USB Interface
      Yes, USB 2.0
      USB Hub
      USB Connections
      1x Up / 2x Down
      Display Applications
      Thorax (CR)
      General Display
      100V ~ 240V (±10%) 50/60Hz
      Integrated power supply
      Power consumption
      Height adjustment
      Portrait function
      VESA mount
      Yes, (100mm)
      Dimensions Landscape
      Net: W: 493 x H: 451 / 546.3 x D: 196.5 mm
      Dimensions Portrait
      Net: W: 361 x H: 517 / 612 x D: 196.5 mm
      approx. 9.5kg

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