12MP Color Display


    The CL-S1200 is a perfect all in one Display solution. It offers a full diagnostic workstation on one screen. This increases flexibility and improves workflow. With high luminance and high contrast, and an integrated color calibration function, our CL-S1200 delivers highly accurate color reproduction faithful to the DICOM GSDF.

    Backside and Keyboard illumination

  • The new CL-S1200 provides backside and keyboard illumination for perfect ergonomic design. It can be easily controlled by OSD. In addition, you can control it automatically based on the ambient light.


    Advanced Color Front Sensor

    The color front sensor system consists of a luminance and color sensor and a luminance control circuit. The sensor is integrated into the front bezel, directly against the screen, and constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance and color on the screen surface by sending feedback instantaneously to the control circuit. Result is a very stable image quality with a day by day diagnostic confidence.

    Front Sensor and PM Medivisor - The perfect match

    Together with PM Medivisor you can get all additional benefits from the sensor system by enabling remote calibration and remote conformance testing.

    Dynamic Gamma - Pixel by Pixel perfection

    As the latest technology JVC introduces Dynamic Gamma. With this we are solving for the first time an issue all color displays suffer from. The issue is that there are basically two ways of displaying images. For monochrome images DICOM is the standard and ensures perfect quality here. For color images a Gamma 2.2 is the perfect match. In case of multimodality displays this is starting to be an issue. Changing between two presets is of course an option but if you display color and monochrome images at the same time every preset would be just a compromise. One possible solution could be of course defining areas on the screen and setup gamma for each area, but this requires setup and this box model is not very flexible.

    At exactly this point we started to develop dynamic gamma. Dynamic Gamma is a pixel based Gamma. So for every pixel the display selects the right gamma. The advantage is clear and obvious. All this is done completely inside the display. No setup or configuration is needed. It just works out of the box. The only configuration needed is to enable it from the on screen menu.


    Remote management at its best

    With the JVC Software solutions and remote management you become the QA expert. The QA Medivisor Agent suite makes calibration and testing as simple as possible. With PM Medivisor and PM Medivisor cloud you unleash the full remote functionality. All remote features are so advanced that you don't even get noticed. The integrated front sensor checks constantly the image quality. This data is send to the server and available by a web interface you can access from any workstation. Calibration tasks can be scheduled and executed remotely with the front sensor. This cuts maintenance time and effort. The email notice function sends messages in case of too high ambient light, changed configuration or trouble.


    • 12 Megapixel - 1200 cd/m² - 1500 :1 contrast
    • DICOM calibration - Dynamic Gamma - Auto Text Mode
      Technical Specifications

      CL-S1200 - 12MP Color Display

      Display Specs
      Display size
      30.9“ (78.5 cm)
      Display Area
      652.7 mm x 435.1 mm
      LED Backlight
      Resolution (native)
      4200 x 2800 (12 Megapixel)
      LUT (Look Up Table)
      16 Bit per RGB Channel
      Maximum brightness
      1200 cd/m²
      Factory Calibration
      600 cd/m²
      Contrast ratio
      1500 :1
      Viewing angle
      h: 178° / v: 178°
      Protection filter
      Integrated Sensors
      Backlight Sensor
      Ambient light sensor
      Color Front Sensor
      Human Sensor
      Display Features
      Calibration Feature
      Display Input Output
      DisplayPort Input
      Yes, Ver 1.4a
      Dual DisplayPort Input
      DispalyPort Daisy Chain
      USB Interface
      USB Hub
      USB Connections
      1x Up / 3x Down

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