Head Mounted Display


    Encapsulating Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Realistic Visualization for Professional Applications

    Head Mounted Display

    Encapsulating Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Realistic Visualization for Professional Applications

    Remote Control & Training Support

    Medical, Heavy Equipment Operation
    Equipment Operation possible while viewing instruments and controllers.High resolution imaging enables accurate positioning.

    Real Time Hands on Training
    Work and document browsing at hand while viewing the VR image.

    Simulation & Design Review

    Driving and Flight Simulators
    The large eye box provides a natural view and reduces eye strain during long training sessions.
    The virtual images can be seen in high resolution with low latency, providing a realistic and natural operational feel to the end user.

    Interior, Architecture, City Planning
    Design reviews with realistic feeling for technical verification using 3D CAD, BIM (* Building Information Modeling). Wide viewing angle allows more accurate viewing.
    *A system for building 3D architectural models on a computer


    • Dual WQHD Display (5K total horizontal resolution)
    • Pixel Free Image (eliminating distracting screen door artifacts)
    • Large continuous horizontal/vertical viewing angle (120H x 45V Degrees)
    • Wide eye box enables comfortable viewing experience
    • Provides realistic and immersive feeling by viewing actual and VR devices
    • You can check manuals and take notes while operating equipment through the display
    • Low latency operation minimizing fatigue
    • 2-DisplayPort (DP1.2) video inputs
    • Adopts JVCs unique mirror system comprised of a half-mirror and combiner; the half-mirror front panel display enables a natural, pixel-free viewing without peripheral blur or chromatic aberration
    • Suitable for a variety of simulator applications
      Technical Specifications

      HMD-VS1W - Head Mounted Display

      Head Mounted Display
      Display Device
      5.5" LCD
      2560 x 1440 x 2
      Refresh Rate
      60 Hz / 72 Hz
      Color Gamut
      Optical System
      Half-mirror + Combiner
      Angle of View
      Horizontal: 120° Vertical: 45° (Vertical: 72 with open view)
      SteamVR Tracking System 2.0
      Interpupillary Distance
      Input Compatibility Signal
      1440x2560 (WQHD) 60Hz/72Hz
      Input / Output
      Video / Audio Input Terminal
      PC: DisplayPort 1.2 × 2 (Supports HDCP2.2)
      Audio Output Terminal
      Stereo mini plug x 1
      Control Terminal
      PC: USB 2.0 (USB Type-A) × 1
      Cable Length
      3 meter
      Power Requirements
      100 to 240, 50/60Hz (AC adapter)
      12V (Main unit(
      Power Consumption
      Operation / Storage Environment
      Allowable Operating Temperature Range
      0℃ to +35℃
      Allowable Storage Temperature Range
      -15℃ to +70℃
      Allowable Relative Humidity Range
      20% to 80%
      External Dimensions
      W: 280 x D: 135 x H: 134 mm
      External Dimensions
      W: 11.02 x D: 5.31 x H: 5.28 inches
      Weight Body (Net)
      Weight Body (Net)
      Total Weight

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