4KCAM Super 35mm live streaming camcorder


Compact, convenient and ultra-high definition, the GY-LS300CHE is equipped with a 4K Super 35 CMOS sensor and accommodates a wide range of cinema and photographic lenses and adapters for dazzling cinematic effects. Create hours of recordings on SDHC/SDXC media in a variety of image formats, while the dual codec design allows you to stream live HD while recording full HD.

Super 35 CMOS 4K image sensor and MFT lens mount

The GY-LS300CH features a 4K CMOS Super 35 image sensor – a premium solution for uncompromised cinema production, ultra-clear broadcast video, as well as full resolution 4K video. This large sensor delivers a superior dynamic range, high S/N ratio and high sensitivity, contributing artistic visual expression including shallow depth of field 'bokeh' effects.

Super 35 sensor and Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount provide a balance of high-end cinematic imagery and affordable glass. Dozens of high quality Micro Four Thirds lenses* are readily available and require no adapter. Thanks to the short flange focal distance (slightly less than 20mm) most cinema lenses can be adapted for use, whether PL mount or Canon EF mount. The mount’s electrical connections are compatible with many auto focus, iris and power zoom lenses, even when using an adapter.

One important difference from most Micro Four Thirds cameras is that the GY-LS300CH uses a Super 35 imager— approximately 35% larger than a standard MFT imager. JVC’s mount provides full coverage of the imager so Super 35 lenses may be used without vignetting. In fact, a number of S35 lenses are available that do not require an adapter. For the professional on a budget, having a camera this versatile can mean huge savings in lens purchases.

Variable scan mapping

You can use a variety of Super 35, MFT or Super 16 lenses with ease. That’s because Variable Scan Mapping (VRSM) intelligently remaps the pixels on the sensor chip in accordance with the native field of view of the lens so that the pixels fill the entire picture frame—thereby eliminating vignetting. And that means professional cinematographers can actually use high-end, large format cinema 35 lenses on a handheld camera that will correctly frame those lenses. The images below illustrate how VRSM maximizes the pixels on the sensor chip to accommodate common lens sizes and maintain their original field of view.

4K (UHD) 60/50P HDMI output and 4K 4:2:2 recording

  • The GY-LS300CHE can output UHD (3840x2160) at 60/50p via its HDMI port. What’s more, JVC’s partnership with Atomos means the GY-LS300CHE operates seamlessly with the new Ninja Inferno and Shogun Inferno monitor recorders, triggering recording from the camera’s start/stop operation. Plus, when the camera is set to J-Log 1 gamma recording mode, the Atomos units will record the HDR footage and display it on their integrated, seven-inch monitors.

    Compared to typical 4:2:0, the ability to record 4K (UHD) 4:2:2 30/25/24p at 150Mbps/70Mbps makes the GY-LS300CH an ideal camera for broadcasting and cinematic production houses alike. The color accuracy of 4:2:2 enables the GY-LS300CH to deliver exceptional color resolution even when images are in sharp contrast to the background which is particularly useful when strong colors are in contrast to bright backgrounds or in green screen uses. Full HD 4:2:2 60/50p recording at 50Mbps also possible.

    JVC Log gamma (J-Log 1)

    JVC Log mode delivers wide latitude and high dynamic range – up to 800 percent – to create images that truly rival the look of film. By preserving more information over the entire dynamic range and wide color gamut of the Super 35 sensor, log images will look flat and lack contrast but contain more information for grading and manipulation in post production giving you the opportunity to create truly stunning, cinematic results.

    For the ultimate cinema look, record images in Cinema 4K (4096x2160) at 150 or 70Mbps, or Cinema 2K (2048x1080) at 50Mbps each with a 17:9 aspect ratio for digital cinema presentations. Both modes support recording in 23.98p or true 24p to match the frame rate of film.

    Advanced IP network communication and live HD streaming

    The camcorder features JVC's latest IP communications engine, giving you remote control and monitoring of vital camera and lens functions from a tablet, smartphone, or computer anywhere in the world. Live streaming is possible in HD or SD resolutions, depending on available bandwidth. Connect your camera to an optional Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE modem and share your programme with an audience anywhere in the world via content delivery networks such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and other cloud services.


    • Super 35 CMOS Sensor
    • Variable Scan Mapping maintains native angle of view for a variety of lenses including Super 35, MFT and Super 16.
    • Highspeed HD Recording up to 120/100 Frames per second
    • Digital Zoom, by using the Scan-Mapping, for Fix Optics
    • Adapters available for PL and EF mount lenses
    • 4K Ultra HD recording (150 Mbps, 24p/30p) to SDXC(UHS-I Speed class3) card
    • 4:2:2 Full HD recording at 50Mbps (24p-60p)
    • HD-SDI (3G) and HDMI outputs (4K output via HDMI only)
    • HDMI 4K60/50P Live output for external recording devices
    • IP Network Remote Control, Remote Viewing, Metadata editing, FTP clips (requires appropriate network connection and adapter)
    • Advanced JVC streaming engine compatible with USTREAM, Zixi and Wowza Streaming Engine
    • Dual SDHC/SDXC slots enable Dual, Backup and Continuous recording
    • 3 position ND filter (1/4, 1/16 and 1/64)
    • 2-channel XLR audio inputs with phantom power
      Technical Specifications

      GY-LS300CHE - 4KCAM Super 35mm live streaming camcorder

      Product Highlights
      Super 35mm CMOS 4K Image Sensor

      The GY-LS300CHE features a JVCKENWOOD AltaSens 4K CMOS Super 35mm image sensor uniquely combined with an industry standard Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount. Super 35mm cinema lenses may be used and will retain their native angle of view (appropriate adapter required). When the camera is used with MFT, Super 16 and other size lenses, JVC's proprietary Variable Scan Mapping feature will maintain the lens's native angle of view. This gives filmmakers the flexibility of using widely available MFT lenses as well as high end cinema lenses. The unique combination of the MFT mount, the larger Super 35mm image sensor and Variable Scan Mapping give the camera nearly limitless lens options.
      Ultra HD Recording at 150Mbps and Live Output

      Working with 4K has never been easier! Insert an SDXC (UHS-I Speed class3) memory card and record hours of 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) material. Recordings are made using the Quicktime (.MOV) file format and are compatible with many popular editing systems. Connect a 4K Ultra HD monitor with a single HDMI cable, and view the camera's live 4K signal. You can also play back recorded files directly from the camera. The GY-LS300CHE also downconverts UHD signals to standard HD for output through the built-in SDI or HDMI connectors.
      4:2:2 Full HD recording at 50Mbps

      The GY-LS300CHE records 4:2:2 HD signals up to 60p at 50Mbps making it an ideal camera for general HD production work. 50Mbps files are stored in the Quicktime (.MOV) format for easy editing. Conventional AVCHD (4:2:0) recording is also possible, providing wide editing compatibility in an array of standard HD and SD formats.
      Dual SDHC/SDXC Card Slots

      Dual SDHC/SDXC card slots make the GY-LS300CHE a truly versatile camcorder, offering such benefits as simultaneous recording and relay recording. In relay recording mode, you can shoot continuously and seamlessly over multiple cards. When one card is full, the camcorder switches seamlessly and automatically to the other card. And because cards are hot swappable, there is in effect no limit to the continuous shooting time in any mode, even with lower capacity cards.
      Harness the full power of 4K Ultra HD including 4K 4:2:2 sampling, and 4K 60/50p Output.
      Advanced IP Network Communication and Streaming

      The GY-LS300CHE features JVC's latest IP communications engine giving you remote control and monitoring of vital camera functions from a tablet, smartphone, or computer anywhere in the world. Live streaming is possible in HD or lower resolutions, depending on available bandwidth. JVC's Advanced Streaming Technology (AST) includes Zixi powered Forward Error Correction with ARQ, delivering high quality streams even under challenging conditions. And now RTMP protocol makes it easier than ever to deliver your live streams to content delivery networks such as USTREAM and YouTube, etc.. Just press one button and you're streaming to the world!
      120fps (59.94Hz)/100fps (50Hz) High-Speed Recording
      for Slow Motion Playback
      Also available is high-speed recording* at up to 120fps (59.94Hz)/100fps
      (50Hz) for smooth slow motion playback (Up to 1/5 slow at 24p mode).
      It helps create artistic effects and lets you watch replays to examine
      sporting skills.*HD 1920x1080 mode only
      Supports 4K Recording at 150Mbps with UHS-I U3 SD cards and 70Mbps Class 10 cards, do not use UHS-II cards!
      Extrem High Quality recording in 4:2:2 50 Mbps
      MOV Quicktime support
      Class 10/6 for HD/SD recordings
      SDXC for larger file formats HD/SD Class 10
      AVCHD Progressive recording modes
      HDMI Out-Put
      FTP IP File Transport, easy transfer any file format to your destination
      WIF or lTE Networks via optional Adapters
      Camera Front-End Specifications
      Image Sensor (inch)
      Super 35 CMOS
      Number of Sensors
      Mega Pixels
      Variabel Scan Mapping VSM
      Yes, Super35, MFT, Super16, HD variable depending on Recording modes
      Gain in dB
      0 to 24
      Gain Selector dB or ISO
      ISO Levels
      400 to 6400
      Shutter speed
      1/4 to 1/10000
      White Balance modes
      FAW, AWA, 3200K, 5600K, Manual
      Color Matrix adjustment
      Wide Dynamic Range Mode (WDR)
      LOG Mode
      Yes, J-LOG HDR
      User selected function buttons
      Yes, 10
      User Customizes Menu
      Optical Specifications
      Lens mount
      Micro four thirds, with active electrical connections
      Build in ND Filters
      3 Filters: 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 plus OPEN
      Recording Formats
      Media Class
      4K/70 Mbps,HD and below Class 10 4K/150Mbps UHS1-U3 (no UHS-2)
      Recording slots
      File Format MOV
      File Format AVCHD
      Video Codec MPEG4 AVC/H264 4K/HD
      Video Codec AVCHD
      Recording specials
      4:2:2 HD Record (H.264, 50 Mbps)
      Simultaneous recording on 2 cards
      Simultaneous recording in 2 modes
      Recording Resolution Formats
      Resolution 4096 x 2160
      Yes, 24p , 23.98p
      Resolution 3840 x 2160
      Yes, 29.97p, 25p , 23.98p
      Resolution 2048 x 1080
      Yes, 24p , 23.98p
      Resolution 1920 x 1080
      Yes, 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p/60i/50i
      Resolution 1440 x 1080
      Yes, 60i/50i
      Resolution 1280 x720
      Yes, 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p
      Resolution 720 x 576
      Yes, 50i
      Resolution 960 x 540
      Yes, 30p/25p/24p
      Resolution 480 x 270
      Yes, 30p/25p/24p
      High Speed Recording
      High Speed Recording Modes
      1920x1080 QuickTime (MPEG-4, AVC/H.264) 120fps/100fps
      Recording Data rate 1
      150 Mbps (C4K/UHD)
      Recording Data rate 2
      70 Mbps (C4K/UHD)
      Recording Data rate 3
      8,17,24,28 Mbps (AVCHD)
      Recording Data rate 4
      35 Mbps (UHQ)
      Recording Data rate 5
      50 Mbps (XHQ/YUV422)
      Recording Data rate 6
      8 Mbps (SD)
      Recording Data rate 7
      9,8,5,3,1.2,0.8,0.3,0.2 (WEB)
      SD Recording
      Interval Recording
      Pre Rec (retro) recording
      Yes, 5 sec. 4K / 5,10,15 sec. HD/SD
      Clip Trimming
      Audio Channels
      Audio Recording modes
      LPCM 2ch, 48 kHz/16 bit (4k/HD/SD MOV), AC3 2ch (AVCHD), μlow 2ch (Proxy)
      Audio Filters
      Yes, Wind Cut, Limiters, Gains
      Audio Equalizer
      Yes, Graphical
      IP Section of the Product
      IP Main Connection
      USB A Host
      IP Connection supports
      Ethernet, WIFI - and LTE USB Adapters
      IP Features Live-Streaming
      IP Features Remote
      Yes, via Web-Browser no apps needed
      IP Features FTP
      IP Features Meta-Data
      Live-Streaming Bitrates
      0.3,0.8,1.5, 2.5, 3,5,8,12Mbps
      Live-Streaming Protocols
      Live-Streaming Single cast
      Live-Streaming Multicast
      Live-Streaming reconnect
      Live-Streaming and simultaneous REC
      Live-Streaming Pre-sets of destinations
      FTP Protocol formats
      FTP / SFTP / FTPS
      FTP upload during REC
      FTP servers presets
      Meta-Data presets of servers
      Note for all kind of USB Adapters
      The connection to a network will be made by the USB Host Port of the camcorder (on the right back end side of the camcorder). Please select the device which you are going to use: WIFI dongle / 3G/4G dongle or a CAT Network adapter.The Adapter you going to be use must be a registered Adapter (see attached compatible list), cause all of these Adapter needs dedicate drivers, which to be implemented into the camcorder.In the case for LTE adapters, there must be done a pre-set of these dongles in your local PC first!
      Recommendation for WIFI USB Adapters (EU only)
      Please Note: Sometimes the Manufacturers change the Revision of the Chip-sets, but product name not changed, we can´t track such issues so may its possible that such a dongles even its mentioned here, may not work. The Adapters below are work able in the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz infrastructure.
      WIFI Dongle 1
      Sitecom WLA.1001
      WIFI Dongle 2
      EnGenius EUB1200AC /Realtek RTL8812AU
      WIFI Dongle 3
      ASUS USB1200AC /Realtek RTL8812AU
      WIFI Dongle 4
      D-LINK DWA-172 (revA1) /Realtek RTL8811AU
      WIFI Dongle 5
      EDIMAX EW-781UTC /Realtek RTL8811AU
      WIFI Dongle 6
      D-LINK DWA-171(revA1) /Realtek 8811AU
      WIFI Dongle 7
      TP-LINK Archer T4U /AC1200 Realtek8811AU not T4U V2.0 AC1300!!
      WIFI Dongle 8
      Wideland (over Amazon) ACWIFI DEWIFIC001A
      Recommendation for Ethernet adapters
      Ethernet Dongle 1
      EDIMAX EU-4208
      Ethernet Dongle 2
      Sitecom LN-030 V2 not Sitecom LN-030 V3
      Ethernet Dongle 3
      Hamlet HNU2GTX
      Ethernet Dongle 4
      D-LINK DUB-E100 (rev C1)
      Recommendation for 3G/4G (LTE) Adapters
      Dear Customer, for the most countries we have a recommendation of adapters, please download our info sheet for LTE support, below you find a special recommendation, which should work in the most countries.
      LTE Specials 1
      Universal LTE dongle Huawei E8372LTE Wingle so far works with Telekom/O2/Vodafon , others not tested yet.
      IN-OUT´s Connections
      OUT HDSDI Format max.
      1080/60p,50p 8 Bit 4:2:2 EE
      OUT HDMI
      OUT HDMI Format max.
      2160/60/50/30p,25p,24p 8 bit 4:2:2 EE 1080/60p,50p 8 bit 4:2:2 EE
      OUT AV
      OUT Audio Line
      Yes, 3.5mm mini jack
      OUT Audio Headphone
      Yes, 3.5mm mini jack
      IN Audio XLR MIC/LINE
      Yes, 2 times XLS +48V MIC/LINE
      IN Audio AUX
      Yes, 3.5mm mini jack
      Build in Microphones
      Yes, Stereo MIC
      External Lens connector
      Yes, over MFT Mount, limited function, see Lens and Adapter recommendations list
      Wired remote IN
      Yes, 2.5mm mini JACK LANC
      USB HOST
      USB Data Exchange (Storage)
      EVF and LCD
      Operation Panel Type
      Operation Panel Resolution
      Operation Panel Size diagonal in inch
      Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) Type
      Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) Resolution
      Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) Size diagonal in inch
      Special Indications
      Histogram and expanded focus, ISO Level
      Power and Enviroment Spec´s
      Power AC
      Yes, AC/DC Adapter
      Power DC
      Yes, 12V Battery 7,4V
      Battery types
      SSL-JVC50 / SSL-JVC75 IDX
      Power consumption
      Approximate 9.8W with VF in 4K REC mode, default settings
      Operation Temperature in Celsius degrees
      0 to 40
      Storage Temperature in Celsius degrees
      -20 to 50
      Operation Humidity in %
      30 to 80
      Storage Humidity under %
      Mechanical Informations
      Weight in kg
      1.7 include Battery without Lens
      Measurements (WxHxD) in mm
      W 135 x H 190 x D 263
      Handle removable
      Include Package
      Yes, SSL-JVC50
      AC/DC adapter
      Cable 1
      Yes, Power cord
      Handle unit
      Additional s
      Yes, Microphone
      General Editing Note
      Simulated pictures.The values for weight and dimensions are approximate .E.&O.E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

      Image of 7,4 Volt Battery System (SSL-JVC50-IDX)


      7,4 Volt Battery System


      Image of 7,4 Volt Battery System (SSL-JVC75-IDX)


      7,4 Volt Battery System


      Image of 7,4 Volt Battery System (LC-2J)


      7,4 Volt Battery System


      Image of 7,4 Volt Battery System KIT (IDX-Q10-E)


      7,4 Volt Battery System KIT


      Image of 7,4 Volt Battery System KIT (JP-2KIT)


      7,4 Volt Battery System KIT


      Image of Lens Remote Controller (HZ-HM600VZR)


      Lens Remote Controller


      Image of Camcorder Soft-Bags (camRade rungunBag medium)

      camRade rungunBag medium

      Camcorder Soft-Bags


      Image of Monitor bracket for 7" to 9" Monitors (CDH-X7)


      Monitor bracket for 7" to 9" Monitors


      Image of Monitor bracket for 7" to 9" Monitors (CDH-9A)


      Monitor bracket for 7" to 9" Monitors


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