JVC releases NEW Wired Earbuds - Ideal for Movies and Games

For those who demand delay-free movie watching and game playing, JVC released new wired USB-CTM earbuds that deliver outstanding performance for music and voice.


JVC | Wired Earbuds | HA-FR17UC | USBFeaturing a versatile USB-CTM connector, the HA-FR17UC earbuds are compatible with the latest generation of devices, ensuring hassle-free connectivity. The wired USB-CTM connection provides a delay-free audio experience, making these headphones the perfect companion for immersive movie watching, intense gaming sessions, and productive online meetings or classes.

For top-quality audio performance the earbuds feature 10.7 mm neodymium drivers and built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) to deliver clear and powerful sound. By utilizing an open-type design and customizing the sound to fit the device characteristics, a natural, spacious soundstage is created with pleasingly unobtrusive bass, providing a powerful audio experience.

Ease-of-use is ensured with a three-button in-line remote control intuitively designed for easy operation by touch. JVC | Wired Earbuds | HA-FR17UC | RemoteIt offers volume up/down, a multi-use button to control music playback (play/pause/forward/reverse), phone (answer/hang up), and a dedicated slide switch to effortlessly activate or mute the microphone.
The large, high-quality microphone combined with the uncompressed audio signal from the wired connection delivers clear calls, making the HA-FR17UC ideal for busniess or school use.

JVC | Wired Earbuds | HA-FR17UC | Earbuds BlackEach earbud is compact and lightweight and comfortable for hours of use, and also serve as a reliable backup option in critical situations, such as when Bluetooth earphones run out of battery during an important online session.

JVC | Wired Earbuds | HA-FR17UC | Earbuds White

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Product information: HA-FR17UC – USB-CTM Bud Type Inner Ear Headphones