JVC Announces Free HDR Features Upgrades for Current D-ILA Projectors


New firmware with the second generation of Frame Adapt HDR to deliver a significant boost in HDR picture quality.

JVC has announced a free firmware update for its current line of D-ILA projectors that includes the second generation of the company’s acclaimed Frame Adapt HDR to deliver a significant boost in HDR picture quality.With the firmware update Frame Adapt HDR, which analyzes HDR10 images on a frame-by-frame basis and performs optimum tone mapping, provides higher quality than ever and a more three-dimensional picture. The update will be available in mid-November.

Frame Adapt HDR, which was first offered in October 2019, instantaneously analyzes the peak brightness of HDR10 content for each scene or frame using a unique algorithm to automatically adjust the dynamic range to the optimum for video projection. This function dramatically improves the reproducibility of HDR content on projectors and has been highly praised by home theater fans around the world. 

In 2020, JVC added Theater Optimizer, which performs optimal tone mapping according to the installation environment. In 2022, HDR quantizer settings were updated to include an Auto (Wide) mode, which emphasizes brightness.

The new firmware update incorporates second-generation Frame Adapt HDR, and with this enhancement the tone mapping algorithm is fundamentally reexamined to suppress the peak white information in the high brightness area, and produce HDR images with higher definition and a more three-dimensional appearance.

Additionally, for the DLA-NZ9/RS4100, DLA-NZ8/RS3100 and DLA-NZ7/RS2100, which are equipped with JVC's unique BLU-Escent laser light source technology, the light source adjustment steps have been increased from three steps to 100 steps. This allows the brightness to be set more precisely according to usage. In addition, a new function lets users back up the main unit settings to a USB flash drive in bulk, a major convenience.


Main Firmware Update Features


1. Second generation Frame Adapt HDR for high-definition HDR images added.

The Frame Adapt HDR technology, which uses a proprietary algorithm to instantaneously analyze the maximum brightness of HDR10 content per frame and adjust the dynamic range in real time to the optimum range for video projection, has evolved into the second generation. In this next evolution of HDR image processing technology, JVC has completely reexamined the tone mapping algorithm in accordance with the scene and frame, and achieved HDR images with higher definition and a three-dimensional feeling by suppressing the peak white information, especially in high brightness areas.

  • The evolution of our unique curve selection algorithm delivers brighter, more vibrant and dynamic range HDR images.
  • Optimizing the tone curve itself reduces whitening in the high brightness area and provides a fine image with no color loss.


2. Other Updates

The laser light source adjustment can be finely adjusted according to the environment and user preference.

  • Fine adjustment ranging from zero to 100 steps is now possible compared to the previous three-step adjustment. And adjustments based on the brightness on the screen and according to the environment are also possible (DLA-NP5/RS1100 not supported).
  • There is now a USB backup function that can save and write all settings at once.
  • This function saves the main unit menu settings to a commercially available USB memory. Professional adjustments can be saved or backed up in advance to undo unintended adjustments.


The firmware update will be available in mid-November, from our web page as a free download for current owners. Target Products are DLA-NZ9/DLA-RS4100, DLA-NZ8/DLA-RS3100, DLA-NZ7/DLA-RS2100 and DLA-NP5/DLA-RS1100 series.


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