Safety first with Kids Headphones

TINYPHONES for Kids to enjoy their favourite game, video and Music anywhere!

Kids just want to have fun anytime anywhere.
TINYPHONES allows Kids to enjoy their favourite games, video and Music safely.

TINYPHONES are portable, great for families on the go. Protect kids hearing and keep them safe with TINYPHONES’ volume limited headphones. *


Built-in volume limiter keeps sound within safe listening levels for kids.

The volume limiter reduces sound pressure level to 85dB/1mW.* TINYPHONES help keep your families' tiniest ears safe.

110db 85db 60db

TINYPHONES include stickers so kids can personalise their headphones.

Allows kids to create their own distinctive style.

sticker sticker
sticker sticker

Let's Decorate!


* Sound volume may exceed 85dB depending on use environment. go to top