Reliable reporting thanks to state-of-the-art technologies

JVCKENWOOD expands display portfolio with 2-MP color monitor

Mönchengladbach, 26 March 2019 – With the CL-R211, JVCKENWOOD introduces its new 2-megapixel color monitor. With a screen size of 21.3 inches and a maximum brightness of 500cd/m², the CL-R211 allows the evaluation of images of all modalities except mammography - according to DIN 6868-157 for room classes 1 and 2.


"Like all displays of the current i3 series, the CL-R211 is equipped with the new housing design. Function keys on the front panel with a virtual description that can be customized give users direct access to various functions," says Marcel Herrmann, Marketing Manager Medical Imaging at JVCKENWOOD.


Quality assurance made easy

The new QA Medivisor Agent ensures consistent quality. "This allows our customers to confidently perform the acceptance and constancy tests compliant with DIN 6868-157 in accordance with the specifications. The built-in sensors can even be used for constancy testing," says Herrmann. The completely newly developed user interface eases operation for the user.


Calibration is performed autonomously, i.e. independently of the PC. The procedure is very simple: The user defines any desired time for the calibration, for example at night. If the computer is powered off, the display is activated and calibrated. It then falls back into sleep mode.


Sensors provide stability

The sensor system of the new i3 monitors consists of a front sensor and a brightness control unit. "The sensor continuously measures luminance and color on the display and reports it to the control unit. This ensures very stable brightness and high colour accuracy," explains Herrmann.



In addition, the devices of the i3 series include a human sensor. It detects whether a physician is sitting in front of the screen, which helps save energy when the monitor is not in use. This also ensures, for example, that a doctor is not disturbed by quality control during reporting.


Unique technologies built in

The CL-R211 also features two unique technologies: Auto Text Mode (ATM) and Dynamic Gamma.


The automatic text mode recognizes text windows or other bright areas within the image and automatically adjusts the brightness - all without intervention by the user.


Dynamic Gamma analyzes the entire screen content and selects the correct gamma curve for each pixel in real time, resulting in optimal contrast and brightness. "This is possible without any restrictions even with moving images, even though millions of operations per second are necessary," explains Herrmann.