Learning with the best

JVCKENWOOD supports mammography training in South Africa with monitors

Mönchengladbach, 13 May 2019 – Fujifilm is one of the world's leading suppliers of X-ray units for mammography. The company conducts regular training courses, workshops and further education for its users. The last event in Cape Town, South Africa, was supported by JVCKENWOOD with its monitors. "As part of our long-standing partnership, we were happy to provide 14 MS55i2 Plus grayscale displays, CCL550i2 multimodality monitors and CL-R211 color monitors each," said Marcel Herrmann, Marketing Manager Medical Imaging at JVCKENWOOD.


Reliable diagnostics in mammography

The 21.3-inch MS55i2 Plus monitor is optimized for use in mammography and tomosynthesis. "The higher contrast associated with the high luminance of 2,000cd/m² improves the grayscale value and the visual contrast resolution," explains Herrmann. The physician can thus better assess the tissue of the female breast and diagnose microcalcification even more reliably. In addition, he can develop a better feeling for the depth of the lesion area in images with high mammary gland density.


The MS55i2 Plus is the first grayscale display with Auto Text Mode. "For all displays, users have demanded a constantly higher brightness, which in some cases is also disturbing. Especially in word processing, such as the preparation of X-ray findings, the monitor strongly dazzles the doctor," says Herrmann. "Our automatic text mode recognizes text windows or other bright areas within the image and the brightness is then automatically dimmed.


Multimodality display for mammography

The CCL550i2 is the first true multimodality display for JVCKENWOOD mammography. With a resolution of five megapixels and a screen diagonal of 21.3 inches, the device is also JVC's first high-resolution color display for the


examination of the female breast. The brightness of 1000cd/m² and a contrast of 1,300:1 guarantee optimum image quality.


Diagnosis outside mammography

The CL-R211 allows the diagnosis of images of all modalities except mammography - according to DIN 6868-157 for room class 1 and 2.


Quality assurance is performed by the new QA Medivisor Agent. "This enables our customers to safely carry out the acceptance and constancy tests in accordance with DIN 6868-157, in accordance with the specifications. The built-in sensors can even be used for constancy testing," says Herrmann. The completely newly developed user interface simplifies operation for the user.


Calibration is done autonomously, i.e. independently of the PC. The procedure is very simple: The user defines any time for the calibration, for example at night. If the computer is switched off, the display is activated and calibrated. After that, it returns to sleep mode.