2.3 Megapixel Color Pathology Display


    2.3 Color Display for Pathology imaging. 99% Adobe Color Space with full hardware calibration.

    Color Enhancer - Real custom color reproduction

  • Color enhancer brings back the full color control to the user. In the past the only possible adjustment was the modification of red, green and blue gain. Color enhancer is much more powerful here. You can select any color from RGB or CMYK color model and change saturation, hue and lightness. For each channel you can also adjust the tolerance for this applied change.

    As you can see this change applies to the sky and not to the remaining picture. Also the white balance is not affected which is a big issue using the conventional way. This enables a much more advanced adjustment compared to the past.

    A: Modified Blue Channel
    B: Modified Green Channel

    Contrast enhancer

    Contrast enhancer is a new technology specially developed for pathology imaging.
    Usually those technologies just increase contrast and dynamics which result in a non realistic image reproduction. To avoid this we invented a total new approach. In our case contrast enhancer detects borders and structures and improves those. This leaves the rest of the image untouched.

  • Features

    • 2.3 Megapixel - 400 cd/m² - 1500 :1 contrast
    • Color calibration
    • Color management
    • 99% Adobe RGB coverage
    • Contrast enhancer
      Technische Specificaties

      JD-C240 - 2.3 Megapixel Color Pathology Display

      Display Specs
      Display size
      24.1“ (61 cm)
      Display Area
      518 mm x 324 mm
      LED Backlight
      Resolution (native)
      1920 x 1200 (2.3 Megapixel)
      Pixel pitch
      0.27 mm x 0.27 mm
      Color reproduction via DVI
      32 Bit
      Color reproduction via DisplayPort
      40 Bit
      LUT (Look Up Table)
      16 Bit per RGB Channel
      Maximum brightness
      400 cd/m²
      Factory Calibration
      150 cd/m²
      Contrast ratio
      1500 :1
      Viewing angle
      h: 178° / v: 178°
      Integrated Sensors
      Backlight Sensor
      Color Front Sensor
      Human Sensor
      Display Features
      Calibration Feature
      Color Uniformity Correction
      Display Input Output
      DVI Input
      Yes, (Dual Link)
      DisplayPort Input
      Yes, Ver. 1.1
      USB Interface
      USB Interface
      Yes, USB 2.0
      USB Hub
      USB Connections
      1x Up / 2x Down
      General Display
      100V ~ 240V (±10%) 50/60Hz
      Integrated power supply
      Power consumption
      63W Operation, 2W Stand-By
      Height adjustment
      VESA mount
      Yes, (100mm)
      Dimensions Landscape
      Net: W: 560 x H: 423.3 / 531.3 x D: 220 mm
      weight with base 11.4kg, weight without base 7kg, packed weight 14.4kg
      Product Support

      JD-C240 - 2.3 Megapixel Color Pathology Display

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