Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling


    Around-ear noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, for comfortable travel and long hours of listening

    JVC HA-S90BN Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones

    The JVC HA-S90BN combines outstanding sound quality with Active noise cancelling circuitry to provide a superior listening experience. With built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, NFC connectivity, 3 selectable sound modes, 27 hours of music in wireless mode, or up to 35 hours of in Noise cancelling (in non- Bluetooth mode). It has enough power to keep you entertained during your journey. Engineered with quality materials for durability and comfort for long listening time. The two-way foldable design ensures your JVC noise cancelling headphones are always with you wherever you go!

    Enjoy your music without the world’s distractions

    Enjoy your music without the world’s distractions
    JVC’s Bluetooth Noise cancelling headphones.
    Designed for long listening time comfort,
    outstanding sound quality and active noise cancelling,
    for an immersive music experience, just as the artist had intended.
    Noise cancellation
    Experience what it is like to block background noise. Simply press the active noise cancelling button and you will be mesmerised by the power of the music as the distracting noise from the outside world is removed. The HA-S90BN’S noise cancelling circuitry includes feedback technology that constantly monitors the ambient sound to eliminate extraneous background noise.
    Wireless Bluetooth
    The HA-S90BN, ready for streaming with a compatible device within a 10m range, allowing you to move freely without having to worry about the restrictions of wires.

    Sound, Handsfree Calling, Foldable Design

    Selectable modes
    You have the option to choose the sound mode to suit your taste in music and mood. Simply select from Normal/Clear / Bass. The choice is yours.
    Built-in mic and remote
    Control buttons located on the right ear piece allow you to pause, fast forward, rewind, skip tracks and even accept that important call. While built-in microphone allows you to have wireless conversation.
    Foldable design
    Clever two-way folding design allows you to easily carry them everywhere with you when not in use, compared to more conventional fixed headband models

    Quality in every detail, NFC connectivity, Battery life

    Quality in every detail
    We have thought of everything, exceptional sound quality from 40 mm powerful magnets, durable quality, soft luxurious material in headbands and ear pads for comfort during long usage, and high capacity built-in battery power. Headphones your ears have been waiting for!
    NFC connectivity
    Simply bring the headphones right ear piece with built-in NFC chip within 4cm of a compatible device and you will be connected, simple as that!
    Battery life
    Power to last more than a whole day! 27 hours to be precise of Bluetooth listening or a hefty 35 hours in pure Noise cancelling mode (using both Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling, 16 hour journey are still covered). In the unlikely event that you were to run out of power, simply plug the provided cable into the music device and you will never be without music.


    • Around-ear noise cancelling headphones free of cord with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
    • 3 selectable sound modes (Nomal/Bass/Clear)
    • Instant pairing with NFC technology
    • 27 hours of wireless connection (NC off), 35 hours of NC function (BT off) with built-in rechargeable battery
    • Integrated remote & mic for smartphones located on headphone
    • Easy to carry swivel design
    • Includes carrying pouch and detachable cord for use on flights or with power turn off
    • Available in ‘Gloss Finish’
      Technical Specifications

      HA-S90BN-B-E - Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling

      Transmission Area
      Approx. 33ft (10m)
      Driver Unit
      Magnet type
      Frequency Response
      8-25,000Hz (wired)
      100dB / 1mW
      Max. Input Capability
      30mW (IEC)
      Power Supply
      Li-polymer rechargeable battery
      Battery Life (approx.)
      16 hours (NC+BT, approx. 3.5 hours of charging time, depends on use)
      Cord Length
      3.94ft (1.2m, detachable, for wired use)
      Weight (without cord)
      6.88oz (195g)
      (iPhone compatible, Gold plated, L-shape on detachable cord)
      Bluetooth version
      3.0 (class2)
      Bluetooth profile
      Supporting codec
      Easy connection set-up
      Detachable cord, USB charging cord, Carrying pouch

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