High-Res compatible headphones with triple magnet driver


    On-ear headphones designed to reproduce wide range and balanced High Resolution sound

    In pursuit of true quality sound

    The HA-SHR02; The joy of living with music for every soul.

    Flat and Crystal-clear, and well-balanced wide sound

    Superior diaphragm and triple-magnet driver reproduces the Fine Details of Sound

    Highly rigid and light-weight PEN diaphragm reproduces the detail of the high resolution sound clearly and sensitively. The additional magnets placed in front and behind the main magnet optimize the magnetic power and provide quick response to the input signal, reproducing superior sound in rich detail.


    ① PEN ((polyethylene naphthalene) Diaphragm

    ② Magnet  ③ Main Magnet  ④ Triple Magnets

    Sequential Twin Enclosures

    The special cavity optimizes the balance between
    mid/high and low frequencies, reproducing Hi-Res sound
    with wide and flat frequency response.

    ① Inner cavity for mid and high  frequency range

    ② Fiberglass compounded high-intensity Polyimide Resin for housing case


    ③ Bass/Treble Balance

    ④ Conventional Headphones

    ⑤ Bass

    ⑥ Treble

    Anti-vibration structure and Clear Sound Plug

    The anti-vibration ring minimizes
    unwanted vibration of the baffle,
    while the anti-vibration jack on the
    detachable cable ensures stable
    connection with the plug. 
    JVC-original Clear Sound Plug
    creates pure mid-range sound.


    ① Anti-vibration Ring

    ② Clear Sound Plug

    ③ Anti-vibration Jack


    • Sequential Twin Enclosure deploying the special cavity for middle/high frequencies optimizes the balance of frequencies for the wide and flat High Resolution sound reproduction
    • High-Strength and light weight PEN diaphragm
    • Triple Magnets for crisp, clear sound reproduction in high definition
    • Clear Sound Plug for pure and clear High Resolution sound playback
    • Polyamide material with glass fiber compound to extract maximum detail from High Resolution audio
    • Swivel design and carrying pouch for easy portability
      Technische Specificaties

      HA-SHR02-E - High-Res compatible headphones with triple magnet driver

      Driver Unit
      40.0mm with double magnet
      Magnet type
      Frequency Response
      Max. Input Capability
      1,000mW (IEC)
      Cord Length
      Weight (without cord)
      detachable cord, carrying pouch
      EAN bar code
      Product Support

      HA-SHR02-E - High-Res compatible headphones with triple magnet driver

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