High-Res compatible headphones with wood driver


    Overhead around ear headphones which have superior quality, natural tone and rich in presence achieved with selected wood material

    Live with Premium Sound

    The HA-SHR01; Warm and natural acoustics with superior fidelity and rich presence.

    Warm and natural acoustics with superior fidelity and rich presence

    Superb acoustic characteristics of wood

    The HA-SHR01 is a unique around-ear headphones adopting wood dome diaphragms created by JVC’s exclusive audio technologies.

    Wood has high sound propagation speed and sufficient vibration attenuation,  while the grain prevents standing waves and unwanted resonance. So the material features ideal acoustic characteristics.

    A: Birch (solid)

    B: MDF

    C: Particle Board

    D: Aluminum

    E: Polypropylene

    Original Processing Technologies

    With masterful processing, JVC
    succeeded in developing the thin and light
    40mm wooden diaphragm that delivers
    natural sound with delicate details and full presence.

    The 50µm wood film is so thin,
    you can see the letters through it                                  

    Selected parts with various acoustic characteristics to bring out the best from the wooden material

    The wood plate behind the wood diaphragm effectively absorbs and diffuses reflected sound within the unit, resulting in high resolution sound.

    ① Brass Ring  ② Wood Dome Diaphragm

    ③ Wood Plate  ④ Absorber  ⑤ Multi-Layered Wood Housing

    Over 1T (tesla) High Magnetic Density

    The newly developed High Energy Magnetic Circuit
    powerfully drives the wood dome diaphragm.
    The uniquely shaped plate effectively utilizes
    the strong magnetic power of neodymium magnet,
    improving the driving force to the voice coil,
    and drastically improves linearity for a faithful drive.

    And also, it saves fluctuation of the driving force and reduces distortion when the voice coil moves backward and forward.

    ① Neodymium magnet   ② Voice Coil
    ③ Image of magnetic flux with conventional shape   ④Image of magnetic flux with new shape


    • Superior quality and natural tone in sound by newly developed large caliber wood dome diaphragm for High resolution sound
    • Developed high energy magnetic circuit with high density of magnetic flux over 1T (tesla) drives wood diaphragm strongly
    • Realized high quality sound by original technology of vibration control with wood parts
    • Multi layered wood housing reproduce sound with rich presence and reverberation
    • Anti-vibration jack, detachable L/R isolated grounding cords
    • Swivel design and carrying pouch for ease of portability
      Technische Specificaties

      HA-SHR01-E - High-Res compatible headphones with wood driver

      Driver Unit
      40.mm Wood Dome unit
      Magnet type
      Frequency Response
      Cord Length
      Weight (without cord)
      detachable braided cord, carrying pouch
      EAN bar code
      Product Support

      HA-SHR01-E - High-Res compatible headphones with wood driver

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