BoomBlaster with CD, USB, DAB+ and Bluetooth Audio-Streaming


    BoomBlaster with CD, USB, DAB+ and Bluetooth Audio-Streaming

    Bigger is better!

    When its about the performance of a Boomblaster, its about power and speaker size. With its powerful 60 Watt amplifier and two 16cm Subwoofers plus two 10cm Fullrange-Speakers, this Boomblaster provides both of this and offers an impressive and powerful Sound! All speakers are protected by massive metal Grilles, the Subwoofer is additionally protected by the handle bar on the side of the Boomblaster.

    Whatever you like!

    The possibilities to bring your favorite music into the Boomblaster are nearly endless! Beside modern Sources like Bluetooth-Streaming or a USB-Connector, you can also listen to your CDs by using the Top-Loader CD-mecha of your Boomblaster or switch to the integrated FM-RDS Tuner or even the modern DAB Radio (Only RV-NB300DAB).


    Your Personal Light Show

    Both Fullrange Frontspeakers of the Boomblaster are illuminated by modern LED technology. Beside different colours, you can also change the mode in which the Lights are moving and changing. From a very calm continous blue illumination to a wild and colourchanging, pulsing mode, you can select whatever like. If you don´t need the light at all, you can of course also switch it off completely.

    Power for your Outdoor Adventures

    In addition to the powersupply for home use or wherever you can find a power outlet, you can also use an optional battery pack for hours of powerful entertainment provided by your Boomblaster. The Lithium Ion Batterypack can be installed in the back of the Boomblaster and can be recharged while its installed in the Boomblaster by just plugging in the Boomblasters power cord when you are back home. The strong 14.8V / 5000mAh Batery pack easily provides
    Power for a whole day outdoor!

    Sound to carry around
    The included shoulder strap can easily be attached to housing. Equipped with this strap, you can carry the Boomblaster around wherever you go.

    Connect your devices!

    Beside the mentioned CD-Player, Bluetooth-Streaming and the integrated Radio Tuner, you can also connect external Music-Players via a 3.5mm Line-In connector. Also Headphones can be connected through the relevant connector directly beside the Line-In. 

    On the backside of the Boomblaster you can find connectors for a Microphone or for a Guitar. Both with a 6,3mm jack and both individually controllable.



    • 60 Watt Power Output
    • 2 x 160mm Subwoofer + 2 x 100mm Full Range Speakers
    • DAB+, FM RDS Tuner, CD Player, USB-Port, Bluetooth Audio Streaming
    • Microphone and Guitar input (rear side)
    • 3.5 mm Line input and 3.5mm Heaphones connector (front panel)
    • Multi-Line Dot Matrix Display
    • Multicolour Light Effects (different Modes)
    • Remote Control
    • Shoulder Strap included
    • Optional Battery Pack for extra long Playtime
      Technische Specificaties

      RV-NB300DAB - BoomBlaster with CD, USB, DAB+ and Bluetooth Audio-Streaming

      Mechanism Type
      Playable Media/Formats
      CD / CD-R/RW
      Programme / Random Play
      Repeat Play
      Power Output (Total)
      Power Output (RMS, 10% THD)
      Sound Mode
      Preset Stations
      Audio In
      Headphone Out
      Mic/Guitar Input
      Yes 2 x 6.3mm Independent Inputs at backside
      USB HOST
      Playable Formats
      Programme / Random Play
      Repeat Play
      Recording Function
      Bluetooth wireless technology
      Distortion Effect for Guitar Play
      Karaoke Function
      Mic/Guitar Input with Level Control
      Yes (independent input with level control)
      Timer Source
      Remote Control
      Power Source AC
      Power Consumption
      Auto power save function
      Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
      Weight (kg)
      Woofer (or Full Range)
      Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
      Weight (kg)
      Product Support

      RV-NB300DAB - BoomBlaster with CD, USB, DAB+ and Bluetooth Audio-Streaming

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