03 Linked to Your Life. Ready for Your Road. Short Body The reduced depth of the chassis contributes to a weight reduction and facilitates easier installation. Music Sync. Illumination The illumination flashes along with the rhythm of the music. Variable Colour Illumination You can choose illumination colours from one of 49 presets or customize your own colour by adjusting the intensity of RGB (red, green and blue). Extra Convenience Key Customize Lets you easily access frequently used functions. Two options are available. 1. Function Menu Customization Functions registered in the Function Menu can easily be called up by simply pressing the “FNC” key. 2. Favourite Key Press and hold the “FNC” key to directly access the function registered for the Favourite Key. 158mm Digital Media Receiver (Non DVD) Multimedia Receiver Digital Media Receiver (Non CD) CD Receiver 100mm 75mm 160mm *For more information, visit the website for each app. JVC Remote: www.jvc.net/car/app/jvc_remote/ JVC Remote S: www.jvc.net/car/app/jvc_remote_s/ Short Body Regular Body Note: For KW-M450BT, only two function keys can be registered. DAB+/DMB-Audio Built-in DAB tuner lets you enjoy digital radio broadcast from DAB+ and DMB audio stations. And in an area where DAB signals are weak, the DAB Tuner equipped in the receiver can seamlessly switch between DAB+ and FM without an audible interruption. Built-in DAB Tuner Seamless switching Seamless DAB and FM Switching Loss of audio for few seconds Repeat same audio Smoother listening experience. Switch to FM Back to DAB Repeat same audio Switch to FM Back to DAB DAB FM DAB FM DAB out of coverage DAB out of coverage *KW-M745DBT,KW-M565DBT and KD-X561DBT do not have this function. JVC Remote Control App via Bluetooth ® Control the receiver's source directly from the smartphone using simple finger gestures with "JVC Remote" app* now available for both iOS and Android. You can see detailed source information such as song title, artist name and album art etc. from the smartphone.