After 20 years of progress, the D-ILA projector evolves from 4K to 8K with JVC’s e-shift technology. It all started in 1997. For two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the D-ILA devices and technologies resulting in the finest D-ILA projectors of our time. D-ILA projectors that project realistic images with their overwhelmingly high native contrast, high resolution and wide colour gamut have gained support from projection and video enthusiasts and received many prestigious awards. Always looking ahead, in 2018 we succeeded in the development of a refined 4K native device. What’s more, combining the latest 4K native device and exclusive e-shift technology, the world’s first 8K/e-shift home theatre projector is now here and ready to immerse your senses. A new challenge for the 21st year. At JVCKENWOOD we will continue to pursue the possibilities of D-ILA projection. 1997 Developed the first D-ILA device 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2016