JVC DLP Projector LX-UH1

Video projectors have come a long way – and none more so than JVC’s new compact LX-UH1, which punches well above its weight, delivering vibrant 4K HDR images that are stunningly realistic. And there’s no need to always pull the curtains thanks to its 2,000-lumen output. The LX-UH1 is ideal for all your broadcast, streaming and BD viewing. Easy Installation Compact Design for Installation Convenience This small projector produces big 4K images despite its compact dimensions: just 33 cm by 33 cm, and less than 13.5 cm high*. The space-saving LX-UH1 can thus be installed wherever is most convenient, hanging from the ceiling or placed on a shelf. *Approx. 13" by 13", and 5.3" in height A compact design facilitates projector installation – but if lens shift is insufficient it may require keystone adjustment, which can degrade picture quality. There are no such worries with the LX-UH1, however, as it features a wide lens shift: ±60% vertically and ±23% horizontally. 1.6x High-resolution Lens The LX-UH1 features a 1.6-times zoom lens. For a typical 100- inch picture size, the projector would be installed between 3 and 4.8 m / 9.8' and 15.7' from the screen – an added convenience when space is at a premium. Refer to Projection Distance Chart on the back of the brochure for more. • Dynamic contrast ratio: 100,000:1 • Brightness: 2,000 lm • Compatible with HDMI standards (4K/60P 4:4:4) and HDCP 2.2 • Available in 2 colours (black and white) 3 to 4.8 m / 9.8 to 15.7 ft 23 % 0 % 23 % 60 % 50 % 0 % 50 % 60 % 60 % 50 % 0 % 50 % 60 % Wide Lens Shift Function: ±60% Vertical, ±23% Horizontal Lens shift function: 60% vertical, 23% horizontal Horizontal shift range Vertical shift range High-performance 4K UHD/HDR home theatre projector with compact design and wide lens shift for easy installation LX-UH1 4K-resolution DLP Projector LX-UH1B LX-UH1W