JVC - PTZ General Catalog

Live classroom streaming system with 3x cameras and microphone. Capture whiteboards and classroom and deliver them to Students. Multi-Camera Synchronization with VITC and NTP YouTube Distribution HUB(PoE+) ■ KY-PZ200 Capture whiteboard with 20x zoom lens Control Center Switcher ■ KY-PZ510 Wide angle shooting for Class room ■ GY-HC500 Recording and streaming ■ PC compatible audio mixer for microphone and audio input. ■ Live production Using KM-IP4100 KM-IP4100 series (4 input) V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher Microphone Streaming Assistant Control Center ■ Camera Control RM-LP100 is able to control KY-PZ camera. RM-LP100 ■ Purpose : Live Streaming the classes ■ Audio : 1 x Microphone for instructor speech ■ Camera : 1 x for shooting whiteboard, 1 x for classroom, 1 x for recording and streaming ■ Distribution : The assistant will operate the switcher and stream video to YouTube, etc. 4K PTZ Remote Camera HD PTZ Remote Camera 4K Memory Card Camera Recorder Remote Camera Controller Switcher KY-PZ510 KY-PZ200 GY-HC500 RM-LP100 1 1 1 1 1 1 Description Model No. Quantity Audio Mixer KY-PZ510/N , KY-PZ400N , KY-PZ200/N series Multi-camera synchronization of live video streams is made possible with the VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) and NTP (Network Time Protocol) used in 1920x1080 60p50p mode. This feature is ideal for the mixing and streaming of concerts, shows, and sporting events where image synchronization is critical. VITC 00:30:10:15 00:30:10:16 00:30:10:17… VITC 00:30:10:15 00:30:10:16 00:30:10:17… VITC 00:30:10:15 00:30:10:16 00:30:10:17… Synchronized SDI SDI SDI BR-DE900 Internet NTP server SRT with VITC Timecode SRT with VITC Timecode SRT with VITC Timecode Latency control by BR-DE900's buffer Time Time Time Resolution NDI|HX SRT UVC 6 System configuration example