JVC - PTZ General Catalog

SMART Auto Tracking NDI® 5 Save Setup Files Super-Wide 80-degree Field of View 4K60p H.265/HEVC Streaming SMART (Subject Movement And Recognition Tracking) technology enables the camera to recognize and follow a specific person even within a small group in the frame. The target subject can be selected using the included remote control. KY-PZ510N (Built-in NDI ® |HX) support NDI ® 5. NDI ® 5 support Reliable UDP (RUDP) transmission protocol. RUDP ensure reliability through retransmission with high-speed communication, such as UDP. Multi-Slice Encoding Technology Multi-slice encoding technology increases performance and efficiency while reducing latency to achieve optimal image quality of live transmissions in 4K60p HEVC mode. You can save the menu settings as a setup file on a PC. Focal Length is 3.47mm to 41.7mm (21.8 mm to 261.8 mm, 35mm equivalent). Super-wide horizontal angle of view is 80° which is ideal for use in offices, classrooms, studios, event facilities, sports venues and houses of worship. YUV 4:2:2 12bit HDMI output supports YUV 4:2:2 12bit and RGB 4:4:4 8bit. *Some switchers may not support the above signals. 4K 60p50p Streaming to YouTube You can stream 4K(2160p60) from KY-PZ510/N to YouTube. Ultra-high resolution 4K60p streaming is ideal for viewing sports and events. Highly efficient H.265/HEVC compression technology also produces similar or better image quality than H.264 at 50% of the bitrate. Multi-Slice Encoding Encode 3 parts simultaneously Single Slice Slice Slice Slice Select Person Still Image Capture Up to four still images can be recorded internally. This is useful for storing the image from the camera’s current location or recalling its previous field of view. Multi-Camera Synchronization with VITC and NTP H.264/H.265/Motion JPEG and Dual Streaming 2-Color Tally Useful for Studio Shooting Internal Microphone UVC (USB Video Class) A built-in microphone is for convenient conferencing, meeting. Rear Panel 4K PTZ REMOTE CAMERA (NDI ® |HX ) KY-PZ510NW/NB 4K PTZ REMOTE CAMERA KY-PZ510W/B 4K 60p50p H.265/HEVC streaming, NDI® 5, SRT, and advanced auto tracking provides optimal image quality and performance for remote production over the internet. 2 IP Address Display Display of the IP address in front of the camera for easy identification and confirmation. Internal Microphone HDMI TypeA Restore switch USB Type-C RJ-45 (Ethernet) Power for AC adapter Power switch Line In Φ 3.5mm audio interface RS485 2pin phoenix port RS-232C 8pin Mini DIN BNC